Eating Disorder Treatment

Whether you have been diagnosed with an eating disorder, or simply want to improve your relationship to food and your body, together we will work to nourish your mind, body and spirit and set you on your path towards health, healing and recovery.

Relationships with food are complicated and can often be emotionally driven. And nutrition therapy is a crucial part of the treatment process. Together we will address the many causes of the eating disorder and broaden the range of safe foods while working towards optimal nutrient intake and learning to trust your body once again.

This approach to treatment is representative of my practice philosophy as a whole: that is, TREAT THE PERSON NOT THE DISORDER. A treatment plan that works for one individual may not work for another.

One of the main goals of treatment is to bring awareness to specific behavioral patterns in order to bring your body into balance while learning to listen to and trust your body’s needs and internal cues. To accomplish this my counseling style is informed and influenced by traditional nutrition therapy, Chinese dietary theory, Ayurvedic nutrition, CBT, motivational interviewing, mindfulness, and intuitive eating using a non-diet approach.

Treatment is available for:
anorexia nervosa
bulimia nervosa
binge eating disorder
exercise addiction
emotional eating
compulsive eating
body image distortion
and eating disorders not otherwise specified above.

A team approach is often necessary. Referrals to therapists and physicians are provided when needed. Coordinated care with a clients other medical providers is also available.

Dear Melanie, I was scheduled for surgery but decided to try working with you first because I felt strongly that diet is a factor in my health. For six weeks, I stayed away from many foods that you suggested might be increasing inflammation and causing my condition. Within two weeks the cysts and swollen nodes were gone!! And you were right about the goat cheese – it doesn’t affect my stomach the way cows milk cheese does. I do occasionally cheat with dark chocolate (70-85% cacao as you suggested). Again many thanks for putting me on the right path.
Rajiv A.