Links & Resources

The following books and websites are some of the resources I frequently use for up to date and reliable nutrition and wellness information.

Suggested Readings

Food and Healing” by Annemarie Colbin

You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

What to Eat” by Marion Nestle

In Defense of Food: An Eater’s Manifesto” by Michael Pollan

Integrative Nutrition” by Joshua Rosenthal

The 3-Season Diet: Eat the Way Nature Intended: Lose Weight, Beat Food Cravings, and Get Fit” by John Douillard

Greens Glorious Greens: More than 140 Ways to Prepare All Those Great-Tasting, Super-Healthy, Beautiful Leafy Greens” by Johnna Albi & Catherine Walthers

Women Food And God” by Geneen Roth

Breaking the Vicious Cycle” by Elaine Gottschall

Feeding the Whole Family” by Cynthia Lair

Diet for a New America” by John Robbins

Overcoming Binge Eating” by Christopher Fairburn

On Food and Cooking” by Harold McGee

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom” by Christiane Northrup

Suggested Websites

Nutrition and Food

Slow Food USA
Eat Wild
Sustainable Table
Food Politics
Dr. David Katz
Harvard School of Public Health
Meatless Monday
The Nutrition Source – Harvard School of Public Health
Mayo Clinic
Food & Nutrition Information Center
Nutrition Resource
Balance Mind Body Soul in College
Center for Science in the Public Interest
International Food Information Council

Functional, Integrative and Alternative Medicine

The Institute for Functional Medicine
Whole Health MD
Dr. Andrew Weil
Dr. Mark Hyman
Aviva Romm
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Addiction and Recovery

Alcoholics Anonymous
Overeaters Anonymous

Eating Disorders and Body Image Issues

National Eating Disorder Association
Binge Eating Disorder Association
Geneen Roth
Something Fishy
Intuitive Eating
Gurze Books
Academy for Eating Disorders
Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center
Womens Health
Body Image Health
Nourishing Connections
The Mindful Eating Center
Overcoming Overeating Newsletter
National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders (ANADA)
Eating Disorders Anonymous
About Face
Healthy Weight Network
Am I Hungry?

Medications and Dietary Supplements

Drug Interactions, DIRECT
Medications, PDR
RX Med
Office of Dietary Supplements
Natural Medicines Database
US Pharamcopeial
National Center for Drug Free Sports
Consumer Lab

Environmental Health

Kid Safe Chemicals – EWG
Healthy Child Healthy World

Health Coaching

What is a Health Coach?
Dr Oz and Health Coaching (video)
NY Times
CBS News
Institute for Integrative Nutrition

Associations and Organizations

FARE – Food Allergy Network
SCAN – Sports, Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutrition
Organic Athlete
DIFM – Dietitians in Functional Medicine
Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
American Society for Nutrition

Cooking and Recipes

IIN Recipes
Dumbed Down Food
Cooking in College
Small Kitchen College
Recipe Finder
Recipes on a Budget

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